Speaking Skills

Research has shown that most people fear “Public Speaking” more that death itself.

Overcoming the FEAR of speaking to a group (regardless of the size) is simple but not that easy.

The only way to overcome this FEAR is to consciously and repeatedly put yourself in front of a group (any group) to speak or give a presentation.

There are ways to practice “Public Speaking” that are less frightening and even conducive to learning.

For example “Toastmasters”. Here, everyone is learning how to speak in front of a group. They know your fears because they how them too. The difference is that the prevailing attitude is “We want you to succeed because we want you to help us succeed too”. The feedback are always “observations” never “Judgments”.

As an experienced public speaker, I can help you overcome your fears and craft a dynamic and captivating speech.

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DTM = Distinguished Toastmaster

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