Prioritized Personal & Professional Achievement Plan

(A personal “prioritized” step-by-step action plan for personal and professional growth)

·        Step One: Hire a Certified Executive & Management Coach

·        Next Step: List all of your goals, objectives and dreams

·        Next Step: Convert that list into a set of more tangible & measurable outcomes

·        Next Step: Be realistic about the obstacles that might get in your way

·        Next Step: Devise a plan to manage around each obstacle if it does happen

·        Next Step: Develop a detailed task list for each desired outcome

·        Next Step: Add to that list: Community involvement activities, Family commitments and Social obligations
                        (These are the realistic demands on your time)

·        Next Step: Prioritize and sequence that task list

·        Next Step: Establish a realistic timetable for the tasks on your list

·        Next Step: Agree on a meeting schedule with your coach to Renew and Refine your Plan (Accountability)

·        Next Step: Review your action plan at least once a week and celebrate your successes High achievers have measurable goals, an action plan, work hard and genuinely appreciate those who help alone the way. 
(Nobody can do it completely on their own, Success is always a team effort. Hire a Coach as part of your team.)

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